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  We, Henan Tongxin Transmission Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of  “make contributions to the society & people ", we now make solemn promises to the society that in order to provide the most perfect service for our end-users, we will firmly follow the rules of  “being practical, moderate, honest and promising",  and deliver our most excellent & perfect, high standard and hi-tech transmission shafts to you with the most favorable price and rapidest speed.        


         It has always been our pursuit to strive for zero defects and the clients’ utmost satisfaction, therefore, your demand counts as our command, we will design and manufacture all types of shafts according to your requirements.


        We guarantee that for all transmission shaft assemblies manufactured by our company, their service length will be more than 250,000 kilometers in normal use condition. All losses and responsibilities caused by our own quality will be taken by us under the circumstances that the shaft is used within a year or the driving distance is less than 50,000 kilometers.  


        From the receipt of your order,  for distance within 500km, we can offer you 100 s of shaft assemblies within 24 hours;  for distance between 500km to 1000km, we can offer you 200 s of shaft assemblies within 40 hours; for distance between 1000km to 2000km, we can offer you 300 s of shaft assemblies. What is more, we can also assure you that each shaft offered by us will be of high standard and deliverd directly to your working position.


        In order to provide our customers with the most perfect and satisfying service, we have six service stations( namely Xuzhou, Changsha, Changchun, Xian, Mongolia and Beijing ) throughout the country. For all transmission shaft assemblies manufactured by our company, if any exceptional case occurs during your normal use, from the moment we received your feedback, within 500 kilometers’ distance, we will reach you within 10 hours;  within 1000 kilometers’ distance, we will reach you within 20 hours;  within 2000 kilometers’ distance, we will reach you within 36 hours. We are dedicated to offer you the optimum service and meet your utmost satisfaction.     

       We, Henan Tongxin Transmission Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome you for negotiation and guidence.


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